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e-mail: wnozigp@umk.pl

About us

The Faculty of Earth Sciences was established in 2012 by transformation of the Nicolaus Copernicus University’s Department of Geography. Our Faculty is one of the best geography units in Poland, which was recognised by the awarded of Grade A in the field of Earth sciences by the Committee for Evaluation of Scientific Research Institutions in 2017. The Faculty has achieved such a high rank thanks to its academic staff and their scientific, organisational and educational accomplishments. The Faculty is fully authorised to confer doctoral degrees (PhD, habilitation).

The Faculty facilitates interdisciplinary research in physical geography, human geography, geographic information science and cartography, geology, ecology and environmental protection, spatial management, tourism, sports and recreation. It is conducted in diverse spatial scales – from global problems to national and local issues, particularly vital for the Kujawsko-Pomorskie province. The Faculty operates its own Meteorological Observatory in Toruń, the Integrated Environmental Monitoring Station in the Chelmno Lakeland and the NCU Polar Station on Spitsbergen in the Arctic.

Studies offered by the Faculty comprise three levels of higher education: first-cycle (undergraduate) programmes (geography, urban studies, tourism and recreation, sport and wellness), including an engineer programme (spatial management), second-cycle (Master’s degree) programmes (geography, geographic environmental information, tourism and recreation), and the most successful graduates can continue education by taking up postgraduate courses in geography to obtain a doctoral degree.

The Faculty is open to young people willing to develop and pursue their passions. There is an active student government and a number of student scientific associations. The Faculty collaborates with foreign universities and our students can study in European countries and in China within the framework of the Erasmus+ Programme. Students are offered a range of extra activities to enhance their qualifications and various student placements/internships in Poland and abroad (as part of the PO-WER programme). The students at the Faculty come from a number of European countries (Erasmus+). In partnership with the NCU Faculty of Economic Sciences and Management, we offer the Tourism Management course in English. International students can also benefit from Tourist Summer Camp courses.

Addressing the needs and expectations of the community, the Faculty has incorporated the idea of Life Long Learning (LLL) and offers courses for various age groups, from schoolchildren to postgraduates.

We are open to cooperation with institutions and businesses. We offer a wide range of research opportunities, the use of state-of-the-art equipment and participation in joint research projects with our experienced academic staff.


Faculty of Earth Sciences – photo by Bogusław Pawłowski