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e-mail: wnozigp@umk.pl

Research (Research groups)

The Faculty of Earth Sciences is high evaluated (category A) and the largest centre of geographic sciences in northern Poland. The high-class specialists employed in it represent various scientific disciplines within the area of natural sciences as well as architecture and urban planning, medicine, health and physical culture. The research staff of the Faculty are engaged in interdisciplinary research projects in the fields of physical and socio-economic geography in Poland and abroad, often pursued in collaboration with international partners.

The Faculty’s scientific activities focus on the problems of the natural environment, its specific components, and human activity in geographical spaces. This includes, for example: the forms, phenomena and processes shaping the Earth’s surface; hydrological problems; causes and effects of climate change; the application of modern geospatial technologies, including remote sensing data, to evaluate the condition of the environment; data sharing and publishing in multimedia atlases and cartographic studies; problems of landscaping; local government development planning; issues in renewable energy sources and the development of tourism economics, and studies of settlement units and the application of practical solutions to ensure their optimum development, including elements of population and demographic analysis. One of the key studies co-developed by the Faculty of Earth Sciences is the Internet Atlas of Kujawsko-Pomorskie Province (a website and a web application).